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First Time for Everything

It’s strange to be reminded that there was, once, a time when you had no real conception of what it was to throw up. (Frankly, I wouldn’t be so sad if that were still true….)

I know that BA has some theoretical context—he’s seen the damn dog puke up so many pairs of socks in his three years, how could he not?—but the look of sheer horror on his face yesterday when that became practical experience was so utterly pathetic. He just sort of sat there, looking at me like, “are you kidding me?” Oh, man.

In other news, he seems to be feeling better now.

The Romance of the Batmans

“Oh, hey, Batman!”
“Hey, Batman! I give you a hug!”
“Ohhhh, that’s such a good hug!”
“It’s nice to meet you!”
“Let’s hit with spears!”
“There’s spears!”

Happy Birthday!

It really doesn't seem like it's been a whole year, but BA is one year old today. (I suppose it seems like even less time when there have only been 3 entries in the last 8 months of that.) It's amazing to me still that I'm someone's dad, because he's just there, and needs to be taken care of, and I can hardly remember a time without him. The changes are fast in the grand scheme of things, but they sneak up on you when you're right there, day in and day out. Oh, sure, he walks now, and he's got teeth (three, and another coming in), and he babbles all the time, and all of that he learned and developed. But it's not until you look through the baby book that it really hits you how much of a little person he is now, and how different he is from just a few months ago.

What Being a Parent's All About

"Your son just peed on the dog!"

About That Update...

So, today was BA's four-month pediatric appointment. All is well, and he's solidly in the middle of the size range for kids his age. I left him with the nurse who was weighing him for a moment to run to the restroom, and she couldn't resist picking him up. He's that kind of kid. (But doesn't everyone think their baby is that cute?)

As you might imagine, he's half of the major announcement I've been mentioning off and on for the past year or so. The other half was our new house, which is in a nicer (but still central) part of town, and is almost twice the size of our old condo.

So there you are.

It seems a bit anticlimactic laid out like that, doesn't it? Well, at the time, as you may imagine, it was really pretty momentous. Heck, even now, sometimes I stop and think, "OMG! You're a dad!" But all of the drama seems smaller in retrospect.

The house hunt went on for several months. I think we started looking in October or so, and finally moved in last February. In between those two dates, we found houses for both of my in-laws (separately, you understand; and as of a few months ago, they're divorced), moved them in, had quite a few heart-to-hearts about The Matter of Children, and did a heck of a lot of house hunting ourselves.

Once we were in the new place, we had to sell the old one, which was a frustrating experience. For some reason, we kept getting buyers who were freaked out by minor maintenance in a condo about 20 years old (and maybe not top-of-the-line then, truth be told). So someone would make an offer, have their inspection, and then have a slow breakdown about needing a new sink sprayer or work done on a window. After two weeks, they'd finally bail, and we'd try to find someone new. But we turned a decent profit on the place.

Incidentally, if you're in the market for a house in Tucson, talk to Jennifer Finger. ☺

So, once in the new place, the Matter of Children is settled. My lovely mom-to-be had done quite a bit of expectation-setting in terms of the process. Let's just say that this turned out not to be necessary. By early last March, we knew BA was on the way. And last fall, there he was. He, himself, still seems a bit unsure of what all of this bodes.

It's been quite a ride, and it's far from over. But now you're all caught up. And on we go!