Star Wars Miniatures

To continue today's theme, another sort of cool Star Wars-related product that I've been looking at lately is the collectible miniatures game from "Wizards of the Coast": There's something sort of irresistable about "little toy stormtroopers": and rebels (silly teardrop helmets and all). I'm not thrilled about collectible miniatures in general. This usually means that the stuff you want is super-duper chase figures, and the rest is chaff. Thankfully, in the first set, "Rebel Storm":, most of the stuff I want is common and uncommon. This is nice because it makes it easy to find, and means that lots of people who _are_ collecting full sets are selling off common lots on "eBay": pretty cheap. The newer set, "Clone Strike":, unfortunately _does_ make the only characters I care about (the Jedi) all very rare. I couldn't care less about the battle droids and clone troopers. Heck, even the Jedi are mostly random aliens from the few Jedi Council scenes in Episode I, or seen for 9 frames in the "Geonosian arena": I'm also not sure that I care much for the actual game attached to these miniatures. It's the combat system from the d20 "Star Wars RPG":, distilled to about 4 numbers. I'm actually contemplating hacking the "Lord of the Rings": game from Games Workshop for these miniatures. But really, all kinds of rulesets would work. I just need to build up my stocks before Rebel Storm sells out.