More fun!

I need more fun, dammit. I don't have enough right now. Work is not especially fun. Tinkering with this site is sorta fun, but I've got things fairly stable right now. "Dungeon Siege": was fun for a while, but after the first few dungeons, it got kinda tedious. I'm not tempted to pick it back up. Just to say I had, I downloaded the demo for "UT2K3":, and that was as non-fun as I expected it to be. I think I might have more fun on its way through the mail, but I'm probably not allowed to talk about that. Tyler taped "Fear of a Black Hat": for me, which is fun, but I don't have the tape yet. What I'd really dig right now is a quality team-based mod for "Quake":, and enough people for a really good game. Or maybe a nice game of "WH40K": with "somebody or another":